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Shibafriend will be live on Binance Live on 25 Jan 2022


At 18:00 hours on January 25th, Alan Yeap, the CEO of Shibafriend, will be featured on a Blocklike special event — Link Now “Gamers! On your Marks!” — which will be telecasted on Binance Live to discuss the ecology of the Metaverse with the core builders of the track!

Event: Link Now “Gamers! On your Marks!”

Date: 25th Jan 2022

Time: 6 to 10 pm Hong Kong Time (UTC+8)

Venue: Binance LIVE


Yuen WONG and Andy KOH, Founders of GEMS

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About Shibafriend:

Shibafriend is a P2E Metaverse game where you can play your NFT 3D Shiba pet within the Shibafriend Metaverse, spanning multiple games!

In the game Metaverse, pet lovers can feed their Shiba, play with them, and take care of them in multiple games.

The Shibafriend Metaverse is inspired by a beautiful, 3D-modelled island of Singapore. Featuring a Singapore city surrounded by beaches, jungles, and populated with apartments, airports, ports, casinos, hospitals, and parks.

Shibafriend’s gameplay items like the fully dressed-up Shiba pet, cool house decorations, and land, can all be traded on the Shibafriend NFT Marketplace. With NFTs, games get more exciting because they are also potentially rewarding.

ShibaFriend is aimed at the casual gamers — including the neglected female gamers who make up 49% of mobile gamers, by creating fun games that are easy to play and take part in.

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