My Subway Surfer game character cannot be played in other games … BUT MY SHIBA NFT pet can play in many different gameplays!


Do you sometimes wish that your mobile game character can be reused as a game character in a different game or multiple other games?

I am a casual mobile gamer. I play Candy Crush, Subway Surfers, Temple Run and I love many endless games. It is easy to learn, simple to play, but HARD to stay alive! It is very adrenaline rush when the speed is extremely fast, especially competing with other players! I accumulated high scores, lots of coins and diamonds in the game, and lots of characters. One problem I face same as you, all these rewards and characters stay on my mobile phone and it does not allow me to convert them to real-life value nor does it allow me to trade with other people.

Do you want the character you bought can be tradable, especially in NFT format?
Do you want the coins you bought and win, can be tradeable with other people?

We are making your wish for with Shiba Inu Run Game’s character and in-game SFT coins!

As the CEO of Shibafriend NFT Metaverse, I wanted all these years ago and now we can deliver this to you!

We will start with our first Game, Shiba Inu Run Game, it is endless gameplay like Subway Surfer.


And you can buy your first Shiba NFT using Apple and Google in-App Purchase. No need to know anything about crypto wallets, where to buy Ethereum, USDT, USDC or any other token.
You can claim your NFT into a crypto wallet at a later time via our website.

Our main focus is to bring in millions of mobile gamers that love to play for fun. Through the in-app purchases and our in-game subscription plan, these payments received are designed to reward our Daily Top 100 gamers!

Besides having a fierce competition with other players, we as gamers would like to have a great way of earning massive rewards!
This is possible with our 3 DAYS Pool Campaign in our Shiba Inu Run Game!

With Just $10 to play in our Pool Campaigns, you can play our game to become TOP20 and win the rewards contributed by other players into the Pools! You can win from $300 to $30,000 of USDC depending on the pool size. The more you play, the more player plays, and the higher the winning prize!

SFT Token owners, you can stake your SFT token in our upcoming Pool Game Staking! For every campaign pool, you will earn USDC evenly distributed based on the amount of SFT you have. We have a limited staking pool available for SFT Token owners.

Buy SFT tokens from our website if you haven’t owned any SFT, get it now on our website for only $0.0036!
Our in-Game SFT is fixed at $0.0100!

The Shibafriend Metaverse consists of upcoming 10 different gameplays where gamers will be able to reuse their Shiba NFT Pet in 10 different games in the Shibafriend Metaverse. Build Once, and Play Everywhere! This will bring longevity to the enjoyment of the game. Follow us and get new updates from us at and get ready to start playing!

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